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#1 Scripts y programación » any programming language focused to 802.11? » 04-07-2019 19:43:26

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That is the idea, if someone expert in this matter can clarify me if there is some programming language focused to 802.11.

I already know that for example, some programming languages are more focused with databases treatment or for web pages, and I wonder what programming languages are needed for wireless networks/Wi-Fi routers.

And if it may be better sorted by the degree of learning difficulty: from lowest to highest.

This is my subject and my doubt. Thank you roll

#2 Re: Preguntas generales y comparativas » Adaptadores WiFi USB compatibles modo monitor y inyección (hack wifi) » 18-07-2018 10:19:58

kcdtv escribió:

  Desgraciadamente solo unos pocos fabricantes se han atrevido a utilizarlo y ninguno a mi conocimiento lo ha montado como se lo merecía : con unas buenas antenas externas para que se exprese del todo.

Yes, are you 100% sure?, here some exceptions confirming your rule:

Ubiquiti SR71-USB (with antenna connectors: MMCX and High Power)



OvisLink AirLive X.USB (with antenna connectors: RP-SMA) 



Compex WLU200NX (with antenna connector: MC) and CACE Technologies AirPcap Nx (with antenna connector: MC)

#3 Re: Hacking wireless ético: Los métodos alternativos » Hostbase 1.2 está aqui » 27-03-2018 12:47:17

Koala escribió:

Can you say with wich device you tri it ? It working fine for me with my android phone, please describe your configuration testing.The attacker have to send the message first. then respond with other any device and you will able to see the message from the attacker server side cool

Hello Koala and yes, I am right:

independently of whoever contacts the first message, there is not communication in both directions, only the client to itself and only the attacker to itself; your tchat is not working neither with Kali 2018.1 nor with Wifislax64 20180220

checked with different operating systems and web browsers in the client side (victim):

- smartphone Sony Xperia S with Android v4.1 and lastest version of Chrome web browser and Firefox for Android
- smart TV-box Mecool BB2 with Android v7.1 and latest version of Chrome and Ad Block Plus browser
- notebook HP Compaq 6720s with Windows 7 and latest Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox web browsers
- pda Sharp SL-C760 with Cacko v1.23 (linux operating system with Qtopia v1.23 GUI) and Konqueror file/web browser
- smartphone T-King 7701 with Android v6.1 and latest Chrome and Opera for Android web browsers
- videogame console Nintendo DSI-XL with some type of operating system v1.4.5 based in linux and Nintendo DSi browser based in Opera

checked with different operating systems and web browsers in the server side (attacker):

- HP Proliant Server with Kali linux 2018.1 and Firefox, Chrome web browsers
- IBM Blade Center with Ubuntu Server 16.04.4 LTS and Chrome, Firefox
- Dell Power Edge with Wifislax64 20180220 and Chrome web browser

Sorry but I am not going to make any more check, repair your tchat. Bye bye hmm

#4 Re: Hacking wireless ético: Los métodos alternativos » Hostbase 1.2 está aqui » 26-03-2018 20:21:37

Hello Koala, good job with this huge script.

However and in my humble opinion I belive you are in an error, because when you inform about:


truly is

yes or no?

And the following that I want to say you, it is your idea about a fake tech chat is genial but your tchat adaptation it is not working properly (there is no communication in both directions: when the client send a message, in the webserver monitor console for each ISP webpage it does not receive that message and vice versa; chat.txt is empty always), neither for Kali linux 2018.1 nor Wifislax64 20180220 iso development nor for movitchat.php nor vodatchat.php nor for any.

I hope you fix those errors about your tchat (I do not really know if it is faulting an index.html or what else?)

"Most Simple Ajax Chat Ever

Fun project from January 2006. Back then ajax just started becoming popular, but with almost no tools available. jQuery came out later that year, Github just two years later, in 2008.

http://www.metachris.com/projects/most- … chat-ever/


    Super simple
    efficient spam filter
    only 2 files needed (index.html, w.php)
    css styles & usernames

How it works

    index.html reads the content & sends your message to w.php
    w.php writes the content and prunes it to $maxlines lines
    content stored as text in chat.txt
    2 http_requests (1 for checking content, 1 for sending your message)

Setup in 2 steps

    copy index.html and w.php in a directory of your choice
    create a file called chat.txt (writeable for php)

License: MIT"

An advice for you and the inexperts using Wifislax:

it would be easier that you include in your installation script "instalacion.sh" the following line if you want:

cp -R /$(pwd)/ /tmp/wifislaxairbase # for wifislaxairbase
cp -R /$(pwd)/ /tmp/hostbase-1.1 # for wifislax advanced version of hostbase

For ending, at the beginning I was struggling with all packets and dependences, I believe that this can be useful:

apt-get update && apt-get install -y build-essential upgrade-system subversion wget g++ iptables iptables-dev pavucontrol ffmpeg sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev libssl-dev libnl-3-dev libnl-genl-3-dev dsniff hostapd isc-dhcp-server pkg-config xterm freeradius apache2 php libapache2-mod-php php7.1-mcrypt php-cli tcpdump scapy vokoscreen wireshark python-twisted bridge-utils devscripts gengetopt autoconf libtool make
apt-get install -y ruby ruby-dev libgtk2.0-dev && gem install rake && gem install bundler && gem install highline && gem install gtk2

Yes, the order is important too smile

Thank you

P.D.: I hope you talk with whoever for including your hostbase script into Kali and all necessary to install it from Kali repository:

# apt-get install hostbase

#5 Presentaciones » Hi guys » 26-03-2018 20:19:59

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Very good opportunity for learning to crack Spaniards wireless routers

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